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December 19, 2016

Holidays affected? Mercury is Retrograde Dec19- Jan 8


What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury rules communication and electronics.
When Mercury goes retrograde it appears to be slowed down and moving backwards. It has the potential to turn an Empaths life upside down if they don't understand what's occuring and proceed  with caution.

What does it mean?

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year for about three weeks at a time.
During this  communication maybe challenging with nonsensical misunderstandings. It's a time  when your thoughts will seem a bit distorted, and all over the place. You may reconnect with old friends.
Definitely a period of forgetfulness. Things will suddenly go missing, or you may find things that you've misplaceed the last Mercury Retrograde.
There will be never ending delays ( mail, travel, ). Electronics may stop working or need repairing (Do NOT buy any electronics-They won't work or be faulty).
Don't ruin your Holiday shopping because this issue will definitely arise. Think smart!
We are majorly affected by outside occurences especially when we are not privy to what's  actually going on.. For more insight...Click here..!
Before it Arrives:
Be sure to back up all your files and data
If you plan a trip make sure you have extra time in cse things don't go smoothly
Mentally prepare for the energies to shift, so it doesn't take you by surprise
Plan and finalize important logistics for the coming month
If you're having an event, prepare backup plans in case something goes awry
Themes of Mercury Retrograde:
Comunication breakdowns (harsh things said)
Technological difficulties (Expect problems with computers, cars, cell phones)
Logistical Challenges
Not  a good time to start ANYTHING "new"
Don't sign contracts, don't buy a house/car, don't get married etc
Things to do :
Great for starting things with "re": Reorganize, rethink, revisit, reflect, relax, reconsider etc...
It's imperative to realize that Mercury retrograde is not all bad. It allows us to slow down from always being in "rush mode" so to speak.
Make sure you are able to excercise going with the flow and being more patient, listen, and be extra cautious epescially when driving as folks can be more irritable, and impatient.
Back up all data on phones/computers
Buy any electronics 2 weeks after Mercury is direct again, you'll have less chance that it'll need to be returned.
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