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July 07, 2017

The Ultimate Resource: Benefits of Meditation for Empaths/Hsp's

As an Empath, I unconciously felt the emotions of others around me and I soon began to realize that I had no control over my outer environment.

It wasn't spoken a topic that was readily spoken in my family by my parents or grandparents. It's kind of seen as taboo, so many children put it out of their minds and never explore any thought of it.

This type of elimination reasoning leads those ignorant of the subject to become interested as adults or deterred forever.

Then one day I met someone while I was walking to the store with my daughter and he asked me for directions. Little did I know that the conversation would end in us talking about meditation which I had zero previous knowledge of.

Indeed I grew very intrigued by the information I received. He said that the one true place we do have a say over is our minds, solely through meditation.

Over the years, like many, I had grown a bit skeptical due to the enormously insane list of myths and stigmas that are attached to meditation. 

But when I began to trust in my own inner intuition, it all started to unmask itself and make sense. It seemed as if this was conjured up to steer people away from inner peace and centeredness.  I decided to give it a try and see for myself.

When I started meditating, I did not realize it would also make me healthier, wiser  happier, and more successful in my life. 

Having witnessed the benefits, I devoted my time in doing daily research to study the impact of meditation so I can share what I learned to help others in the world reap the benefits as well.

Food For Thought:
It is definitely a choice to learn more when you are uneducated on a subject. One has to ponder why is there such a stigma on something that cannot harm them in any way.

The Truth About Some Moms Not Connecting With Their Newborn

Have you ever thought that you may not connect with your baby after giving birth to them?

Believe it or not, it is a common thought  plagued by many first time mom's as well as mom's who have had multiple pregnancies.

Giving birth can be equivalent to an out of body experience that is a commonality for many women.

Whether you deliver your baby natural, through c-section or epidural it generally brings two natural and common popular reactions which are almost always, awe and secondly, disbelief.

Disbelief: shocked into another planet that this little being was created by you and that he/she is yours.

Awe: crying profusely for the beautiful moment being felt at that point in time
It is a feeling that cannot be described by words.

Try this relaxing short video to help ease your mind!

The love shared between a mom and her baby is simply joyful love that can be felt deep within the soul.

Some mom's will encounter their experience of love in many various and distinct ways that may not imitate another mom's exact occcurence.

Which is totally fine, as there's no true exact way of receiving love as it already existed before they even arrived.

There's no need to feel bad in any way for any initial non-connection. Keep in mind that the bond between a mom and their newborn is not always easy or immediate.

They know exactly who you are first! They've listened to you endlessly for hours and that first holding of them after they're born seals the deal for them.

They will make the baby-parent-mom connection upon delivery while mom is stressing out and getting all worked up, baby is just fine finally being in mommy's arms.

I can atest to the same scary feeling upon delivery my angel but when she arrived I saw how she was cool as a cucumber. It allowed me to get the courage and strength to stay strong and relax a little and from that point on I was okay.

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