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July 12, 2017

The Deadly Dangers of Eating SOY!

Have you ever gotten sick out of nowhere and didn't know how or why? What makes soy such a risky food to eat? Discover all the answers as to why people all over the world have joined the "ban' soy campaign and why you shouldn't be too far behind.

It may seem to many that a good thing is being done when the choice is made to go for soy products. Sadly. this is not the case.

However, having a clear understanding is needed and very much necessary because not all soy products are created equal. Whole and fermented soy foods should be consumed in moderation.

What is soy?
Soy is a protein derived from a plant, particularly a soybean.
Soybeans continue to become a significant eyebrow raising issue because soy tends to alter how your intestines absorb medication.

Soybean Products
Soybeans were originally derived in East Asia and rapidly made it's way to the U.S and other countries. It contributes to the making of some popular soy products, such as soy sauce, soy milk, soy lecithin, soy infant formula, soy burgers, vegetable oil, tofu, soy flour, energy bars, nutriment supplement drinks, junk food (candy bars, cookies, cakes), frankensoy, TVP (textured soy protein) SPI (soy protein isolate) and tempeh.

The Problem With Soy Consumption

The problem arises with the generic derived soy (processed soy) that is readily sold and shipped across the U.S. Foods with “soy protein” on the label are made of processed forms of soy. This simply means that the soy contained in that product is processed.

When soy is processed, the nutrients are basically stripped away. Nutritionists, consider it to be a “ghost” of a health food when it comes down to this method.

Frankensoy" is a product that looks like a common frankfurter but is highly processed. Avoid these like the plague. Processed foods like these imitators have a tendency to be loaded with tons of added sugars, fats and refined flours.

Whole soy foods is the best route, they are not processed, so they naturally retain the most nutritional benefit for you. With the strike on drinking whole milk, many strayed towards soy milk and a much wiser choice choosing almond milk.

Fresh soy milk is the best choice for consumption and rarely available at a limited amount of health food stores. If you can't acquire it easily, be sure to choose whole-bean soy milk to avoid soy milk made from soy isolate or soy protein. If you choose to consume soy, it is recommended to have 1 to 2 servings of "whole and fermented" soy foods.

Why is soy dangerous?
In America, soy use has been steadily growing and popping up everywhere and in everything. However, there are just as many controversies circling around how unsafe it is to eat. Raw soybeans are hazardous to human health. This is due to naturally occurring inhibitors called trypsin.

In 2007, various scientists in the U.S. officially asked the FDA to revoke its heart-related health claim for soy protein.

As stated on the Dr. Oz show, soy yields dangerous for those who suffer from thyroid dis-ease or currently take any thyroid medications. This is because soy products may interfere with how the body absorbs the medication in the GI tract, making it less effective.

Unfortunately, in the United States, we seldom consume soybeans in their whole natural form (either fresh or dried). Instead, we process soybeans by using hexane or other solvents to remove the oil (which can be sold as cooking oil or oil to be added to other processed foods), and then we take what's left over (defatted soy flour) and either (1) combine it with other proteins to make animal feed or (2) wash it with water to create soy protein concentrate. Soy protein concentrate becomes the source for two forms of soy that are even more processed: TVP, or textured soy protein that can be produced through a process called extrusion, and SPI (soy protein isolate), which can be produced by making the soy protein concentrate more solubilized. SPI is used in many low-fat soy milks. Read full article here

Always keep in mind as with anything that you put into your body, that it should be taken in moderation.

July 10, 2017

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Reading A Blog

Did you ever think that you could possibly be reading blogs the wrong way?
I know, you may be thinking it's sort of common sense and not much goes into reading a blog.

This article will show you all the things that you have been missing without even realizing that you are.
Roughly 76% of people across the world do absolutely everything on their phones from checking emails, shopping and reading instead of on a PC/computer.

As a result of using cell phones to surf the internet, this is the primary cause and reason for the common mistakes that are explained below.

When reading a blog you must look at the purpose of it in the first place. Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of blog writers all across the internet who are writing blogs. 

Those individuals who are rather creative and passionate can write a whole arsenal of informative things to share.

The topics can seemingly vary and fluctuate to any and anything from...


The possibilities really are endless when it comes to finding topics to write about.

Tips To Read Blogs

 1- NEVER read a blog in the mobile version. Granted everyone on the Planet uses a cell phone these days but you will never get knowledge that's there for you.

2- ALWAYS read a Blog in Web Version If you're not actually on a computer. Go to the bottom of the page and you'll see where it directs you to access the whole blog. 

3-    BLOGS are assigned labels which categorize them to be easier to sift through what ever interests you. These can ONLY be seen on ( the top corner) in Full Web version.

    4- BLOGGERS take tons of hours for YOU! They supply you with valuable information, links to other sites where you can gain valuable insight which cannot be seen on the mobile version!

  5-  It WON'T benefit you if you don't even know that your missing something that exists.  

So next time you're reading a blog,  stop and ask yourself did you check to see if you were on the Web Version and do yourself a favor and tap on it to be switched.

Remember the Mobile Version is the cheap version, the Web Version is the Exclusive Version. I'd much rather be a part of the exclusive information so I can be well informed about certain subjects because I definitely appreciate those who take the time to do things for others. So it's only right that I show my gratitude right back. 

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