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There comes a time in one's life when the discovery of self is an inquiry. It plagues your mind day after day knowing deep inside tha...

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December 26, 2016

The Shocking Truth About Failed Relationships Revealed

Have you ever wondered why do people get into relationships that fail repeatedly?
The answer is simple. It's because they don't know each other.

I mean really deep down, within, which does take a week or six months. It's a notable fact that anything rushed never works out.

It becomes a question of do you really know who they truly are.

In today's society, people want everything to be rushed and available immediately.

This can be good in certain instances, but not quite for relationships. If you don't know anything about this person beyond their physical features then that is a problem.

If you wont take the time to fully learn what makes one another tick then what exactly is the real reason that you're with this person in the first place.

Some people will be in a relationship with someone and not know their last name, meet any family members or children even after dating for more then two years.

Now that just seems really odd to say tge least. Either someone is hiding something or they aren't interested in pursuing anything seriously.

Here's 4 Questions To Ask Yourself
When You're Interested In Someone

1 -Did you take the necessary time (6 months to 1 year) in getting to know each other?

2- Are there any red flags that would cause you to end things?

2 - Can you see yourself with them forever?

3 - Do you share a common end goal?


It's always a wise choice to take things slow. If it's something you want for the long run, it shouldn't be any issue.

Be friends before you initially start anything. See where there head is at so you can get an idea of where they stand.

This will weed out anyone who wants to be with you for any reason other than a genuine relationship. 

You should want to know what you're getting yourself into, if you're in it for the long haul and not just looking for some easy hookup or cheap fling.

On the other hand, if they don't want to wait,  then they do not respect you. Which is not a quality you want in a significant other.

Remember to always keep in mind that. physical attractions are completely common, but a real connection is rare, so when you find it, hold on to it!

December 11, 2016

Ultimate EMPATH Resource- For Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

There comes a time in one's life when the discovery of self is an inquiry. It plagues your mind day after day knowing deep inside that you are indeed vastly different from those around you. Most of you have gone your whole entire life feeling this way.
EMPATH- The Extra sensitive being who lives daily by literally "feeling" everything! 
But how does a newly aware Empath go about their day in a normal manner when they don't fully comprehend what is actually occuring within themselves. It can be a tumultous uphill battle until the proper shielding tools are learned and practiced by the individual.
Until then life will seem like a " living hell " and your gift will seem like a curse. Neither are true.
You will learn all there is to know and so much more about being an Empath in this EMPATH Class.
This EMPATH Class is dedicated and undeniably succesful in getting  down to the root understanding of why you’re vulnerable to emotional contagion. Revealing why you absorb the emotions of others, from your boss and colleagues at work to your family and friends, and even the check-out guy at Whole Foods and stopping it once and for all.
But it doesn’t stop there: empaths get physically ill and suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic stress, professional burnout, and pain syndromes more often than not. 

This Class will help you understand and heal the following...

  • When people you care about are hurting, do you feel their pain so deeply that it’s hard to separate—even after they’re out of crisis mode?

  • Have a a deep-seated fear that this “alien thing” you feel means something is wrong with you or you're not from here,

  • You often wonder which emotions are yours, and which belong to someone else?

  • Discover why you often need lots of down time after social engagements, “recovery periods” at the end of a workday, or extended intervals of being alone.

  • You struggle with boundaries. It’s tough to know where you leave off and others begin

  • You’re prone to nervous system overdrive. It doesn’t take much—sometimes just a draining conversation or a party that’s loud and over-populated—to propel your nervous system into alarm mode.

  •  You have trouble with intimacy. You can fall for others at the drop of a hat.  

  • Repeatedly fall for Narcissists even when you know their bad news. Rollercoaster relationships often filled with intense bonding and equally intense separations.

For more than two decades I’ve helped many Empaths identify who they are and develop the skills to lead a healthy and well balanced life that they didn't want to run and hide from. And today you too can do the same and achieve the same results and success.
It is completely in your hands and up to you to know your self worth and value yourself so that you can step on the path towards healing and becoming a better YOU!
It all begins with you! The question is, " Are you dedicated to healing yourself?"
If you really suffer and 
This resource has rave reviews from people all over the world who once struggled just like You!
Upon lerning what is going oon within helped to steer them on the right path which is available to you... Join the EMPATH Class.

December 09, 2016

13 Defining Traits That Prove You're An Empath!

Perhaps you've heard that you may have been born an Empath. Finding this blog was no coincidence to you. It is merely in direct relation on your path in life to finally find out the truth, that you've pretty much known all along!
Being an Empath isn't a trait that is learned.
If you are an empath, you’ve likely known for some time you are different from most people around you. 
Empaths are people who are highly sensitive to the energy and the emotions of the people, animals, and sometimes even the spiritual imprints that exist around them.
Being an empath is not a disorder — it is an innate quality you should never feel shameful about.

13 Definite Traits of an EMPATH

1-Reading people's feelings without trying.
  • Empaths know what a person is feeling regardless of how a person “looks” on the outside?
  • He or she may be smiling, but you know absolutely they are anxious or depressed
2-You have an instant knowing about the character of the people you meet upon first meeting them?
  • Yes, even complete and total strangers have the ability to be read by you.
3-Craving alone time.
  • Empaths need time alone with almost no external input.
  • This is not just a preference, but a need to avoid getting overwhelmed by emotional information from others.
4-Finding people gravitating to you for help. 
  • People you have never met before may open up their deepest secrets to you, for example, while grocery shopping.
5-You often tired and have physical ailments that cannot be medically explained?
  • Ailments are picked up from others negative energy and those who are ill that you are closely associated with.
6-Knowing information/things without being being told
  • Empaths have this trait even as children. 
7-Knowing who is calling without being near a phone or cell phone. 
  • Empaths can feel someone is reaching out.
  • You might even tell others who is calling them and not think that is unusual.
8-Enjoy spending time outdoors, or with plants, sunshine or moonlight.
  • Nature rejuvenates you but more importantly it raises your energy level.
9-A tendency to avoid large groups of people when needed.
  • Empaths often sense too much emotional information everywhere. It is overwhelming.
10-Feeling emotional “ripples” in the world?
  • If there is a catastrophe that elicits a strong emotional response from masses of people, can you feel them? See them?
11-Feeling strong emotional impacts everywhere. 
  • Empaths feel emotions while walking down the street when passing complete strangers.
  • Knowing, absolutely when someone is in crisis with their health or emotions?
12-Empaths are usually non-violent and non-aggressive people who love peaceful and harmonious environments.
  • Disharmony makes us uncomfortable so you'll usually avoid it at all costs.
13-Empaths often prefer the company of animals over the company of humans.
  • Usually having a pet or pets of our own.

 Being an empath does make parts of life more difficult.  And can be extremely obtrusive for the unshielded and ungrounded Empath. Not all Empaths like being Empaths. All Empaths have had times when they wish they weren't when they have not learned the necessary to function in society properly and with ease.
It is extremely " beneficial " to an Empaths survival to learn everything and take the time to fully understand your gift of empathy. One resource linked down below that could help you to better understand your gift of empathy and...EMPATH Tools
—Stop being drained whenever you enter a crowded room.
—Learn how to feel better when you’re in stressful situations such as the office.
—You can learn how to use your empathy to your advantage by reading people and determining what’s truly going on with them beneath the surface.
Start the journey to understanding and surviving being highly sensitive in a overly stimulating world... 

November 28, 2016

Choosing to entertain Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deals than wanting to Heal!

We live in a time where in this day and age, being thankful is overrided by a competitiive sales market numbers game that many fall victim too without even realizing what’s really occuring.
Forget about Thanksgiving turkey, family bonding, making memories, and football; for a lot of shoppers, Black Friday is the week’s truly notable holiday. The unofficial start of the holiday shopping season is often referred to as the busiest shopping day of the year, but where did this tradition start and just how big is it?

Why did competitive sales spark millions interests, while healing from pain, trauma, and wanting to be a better YOU took a backseat?


It dates back to the late 19th century. In those days, most retailers adhered to an unwritten rule that holiday shopping season didn’t start until after Thanksgiving, so no stores would advertise holiday sales or aggressively court customers until the Friday immediately following the holiday.
In 1939, the Retail Dry Goods Association warned Franklin Roosevelt that if the holiday season wouldn’t begin until after Americans celebrated Thanksgiving on the traditional final Thursday in November, retail sales would go in the tank.
Ever the iconoclast, Roosevelt saw an easy solution to this problem: he moved Thanksgiving up by a week.
So instead of celebrating the holiday on its traditional day—November 30th that year—Roosevelt declared the next-to-last Thursday in November to be the new Thanksgiving!
***There is tremendous hope for sensitive people known as EMPATHS, to heal from picking up others outside negative energy!*** …Heal yourself here Today!
How Did The Term BLACK FRIDAY Originate?
According to researchers, the name “Black Friday” dates back to Philadelphia in the mid-1960s.
If you ask most people why the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, they’ll explain that the name stems from retailers using the day’s huge receipts as their opportunity to “get in the black” and become profitable for the year.


Major retailers don’t, when they’re already generally profitable or at least striving for profitability throughout the entire year. (A company that turned losses for three quarters out of every fiscal year wouldn’t be a big hit with investors.)
Some smaller outlets may broaden and/or hike up big holiday season sales into annual profits, though.


It’s certainly the day of the year in which you’re most likely to be punched in the face, or jumped by some irrate shopper while reaching for the latest Elsa doll, but it might not be the busiest day in terms of gross receipts.
Black Friday may, however, be the busiest day of the year only in specific terms of ” customer traffic “.   But it still gets a hefty amount of stiff competition from the week leading up to Christmas, particularly the Saturday right before the big day.

Is BLACK FRIDAY Shopping Worth the risks?
Many people have started to boycott from shopping on Black Friday in the United states due to numerous senseless killings in nearly every city or state.


Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday probably isn’t quite the e-commerce boom that you’d expect. The first few years of Cyber Monday looked a lot like Black Friday, according to reports by Snopes. Sales were certainly higher than normal, but the biggest e-commerce days were still usually a couple of weeks before Christmas.
Basically, online shopping’s big days are governed by the same keep-putting-it-off impulse that shapes traditional retail’s best revenue days, only the online jackpots come a little earlier as procrastinators have to allow for shipping time.
Many EMPATHS rather shop online than deal with crowds!
It is fairly difficult just to be an Empath. But to deal with massive crowds can cause anxiety, and headaches/ migraines. Most opt to stay home and shop “online” to avoid being bombarded left and right by outrageous customers flailing emotions and being witness to disgusting violence.
It overwhelms to the point of putting a bad taste in the Empaths mouth, and literally being turned off from the whole idea of it.
EMPATHS who are unaware that they are affected directly by their surroundings are more than likely to be unshielded as well. Gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding will truly make all the difference.
Once you know what’s occuring within, then it’s completely up to the individual to act on it and no longer be in limbo or battle with their innerself.
Healing can be done here …Empath Healing!

November 25, 2016

Key to Stay Motivated in Life and Keep Going

In life, it is inevitable that the first step is always the toughest. In order to be successful you have to know within that you are compeletely ready for change.

If you believe that you should be in a different place or point in your life then you must be open and willing to change.

Change is Good. CHANGE is inevitable and bound to happen. If you stick to a goal that you want to achieve, you can accomplish it with a focused mindset.

Keep in your mind that, you can do it so that it can be done. It definitely won't happen overnight but when you work hard at it, it will eventually get done by You.

Only you can change your life, not someone else. So don't expect anyone to do the work for you.

It is almost always seen as hard work to someone who isn't ready or passionate about their goal.

The key thing to succeed is consistency.  Life is a series of chapters on your journey.

Realize that where you are now is only temporary for the time being and your goals will manifest when the energy you receive matches the energy you put out!

5 Tips To Remember:

1- Stay hungry (determined)

2- Have and end result goal

3- Be focused

4- Write down a list of goal (1 or more if you choose )

5- Take it seriously (This is for your life)

Life is a school of graduation periods. You get from one grade to the next, then you eventually graduate. This cycle repeats itself all the way through College and beyond.

If you're constantly having the same issues/relationships repeating and showing up in your life, you need to reevaluate what it is that you're doing.

Figure out how your contributing to it and what your role is to keep acquiring these results time and time again.

Since you can only fix/improve yourself and not anyone else. Try to look at what you're doing and make adjustments if you need to in that area.

This is the time you should use to focus on yourself. If you aren't taking accountability for your part, you will be lost on finding a solution because you find it hard to own up to your role.

Never give up on yourself. You must fight til the end. Good luck to all of you. I know you will get there. You just have to know it too!

November 20, 2016

How to successfully earn 10k/month online

” If you do not see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.”- Zig Ziglar
After doing my research for a few years, I found that here is no easy way to make money online. It was then that I realized that without skill, you can’t make money. Let that sink in… If you do want to make money you need skill period. There are no shortcuts!
To help you understand what to strive for, here are my main criteria when deciding what methods you can utilize to make money online. Bear in mnd, some things you can only do once you’ve done other things because you build on what you have done before.

5 Questions to ask yourself before starting

Is there passive income potential?
Can you make a solid profit margin?
Can you create a sellable asset?
Is this a product people want or need?
Can you maintain the income with minimal labour and/or is it easy to outsource?
Check out the list below:
This is not an all inclusive list, which means there are plenty of other ways you can make money, including Here!

Here are a few ways to earn 5–10K per month from home.

Start an Amazon business (one or several)
  • Start a FBA business: You basically find products to sell either locally or online. You list the product on Amazon and send them into their fulfilment centers. From there, Amazon will process any orders, ship them to the customer and handle customer inquiries.
  • Promote Amazon products: Create review style websites, review various product within a specific niche and add affiliate links to your blog posts to earn a commission every time.
  • Flee market flipping: Go to flee markets, thrift stores, auctions and find items that look expensive or weird. Check their price on eBay, buy them at a low price, sell them at a higher price on Amazon. Robert Stephenson do that every week-end and makes $42,000 every year working 5–10 hours a week. 
Join Affiliate programs
  •   If you have a website or blog you can make money through affiliated programs. There are many websites provide affilaited programs like Amazon, Flipkart,Snapdeal etc. You need to publish their product on your blog or websites, whenever any purchase done through your link, you will get the commission.
Get income through PTC (Paid through click)
  •  This is some sort of tasks like visit any websites, share advertisements through your facebook account etc. You will be given tasks everyday, only easy things like: watch a youtube clip, like a facebook page, follow someone on facebook, follow someone on Twitter, etc.
Start a coaching business
  • Coaches often make more than $10K a month. They don’t have much expenditure and often charge $150 – $250/hour, which makes their business profitable right away.
  • If you have an expertise and believe that you can help businesses/people and make a difference in the world, go for it.

Sell On Ebay
  • You are pretty much guaranteed to make some kind of sale and thus experience a transaction.
  • EBay has the traffic, so you don’t have to worry about marketing your product beyond creating a good listing, the eye-balls are already there
If you have skills, knowledge and experience in a field, you can start freelancing today and make $2,000/week with just your laptop:
  • If you know how to write- create content for clients
  • If you know how to code – create programs/software/websites for clients
  • If you know another language -offer translation services
  • If you have an accounting degree – offer accounting services
  • If you are knowledgeable about social media – offer community management services Click Here
Selling a service is a real option for making money online. The challenge is learning what specific offer to make to the market. It’s also about figuring out how to differentiate yourself so you earn good margins, how to market what you offer and how to automate the entire process so it becomes a passive income stream. For more info… How to build confidence

November 08, 2016

Stuck in A Rut Lately?


 Life flies by, and it’s easy to get lost in the blur. In adolescence, it’s ‘How do I fit in?’ In your 20s, it’s ‘What do I want to do?’ In your 30s, ‘Is this what I’m meant to do?’ I think the trick is living the questions. Not worrying so much about what’s ahead but rather sitting in the grey area – being OK with where you are.“- Chris Pine

Remember, things happen for a reason.

As we grow up, we lose sight of how amazing life can be because we feel burdened by the responsibilities and mundane parts of life.
Every circumstance we encounter in our life is designed to teach us and that lesson is in turn passed on to others. Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to figure out the lesson to be learned.
The problem is that when you’re feeling totally lost and confused, you’re feeling murky and uncertain and there’s a lot of second-guessing and doubt.
First, you must figure out why you feel lost and what actually ” occured ” that led you to this feeling. Then you must decipher how long it has been and why you want to no longer feel this way.
Accept this feeling as it is, Truth. It doesn’t mean your life is doomed and that you will never find yourself again.
Whether you’ve lost yourself in your job, relationship, your role as a parent or simply feel lost in life in general, you are not alone. We ALL have known this pain!
Take a minute and think about somethng that has helped you find yourself when you were feeling lost?
In a perfect world, what would you love to be, have, or do? Click here for the Transformational Healing guide...Heal TODAY!

Things To Remember When Feeling Lost

Sometimes the feeling of being lost is all-consuming and you forget that you get to choose what you think and how you feel. Keep in mind, everyone is given given a great amount of power to create the life they desire and get the answers that they are searching for.
When we’re lost in an ocean of loneliness and depression, it’s all too easy to reflect on your regrets of past life instances. Instead of falling prey to this common downfall, put one foot in front of the other and acknowledge every positive step you take. remember , time is precious. Every second lost, is one that will never come back.
Take some time off to devote to yourself and ultimately your well-being. No internet, no email, no social media, and if possible, no work. Also? No self-help books. Sounds a bit tough, I know. But you’ll thank yourself after it’s all said and done.
However, these feelings can also serve as a catalyst for change in our lives if we acknowledge them and act. Above anything, cherish your mental well being and don’t underestimate its worth.
Record your thoughts when you’re at the height of loneliness and feeling lost. You’ll be amazed when you reflect back at how you viewed things at the time and how far you’ve come later.
It’s time to reconnect with what you love and to take action on it. No more excuses about not having the time, money, resources, babysitter etc. Making  a  concious commitment to do what you love is the remedy you need to  see your life change right before your very eyes.

Realize You’ll Need Your Help

It’s OK that you’re not who you used to be. Never let this feeling take away your sense of worth! Realize that life is about change and how we react to that change.
Challenge yourself to do something, you’d never in a million years have the courage to do.  It’s time to get uncomfortable by trying new things. It’s important to remember that growth doesn’t happen by staying in your bubble of comfort where everything is familiar.
There are messengers all around with Divine guidance to help you move forward on your path. Keep ypur eyes open and pay attention to the signs on the road, songs on the radio, and the people you meet in the street.
Everyday there are signs as well as messages, that will inspire you to act and offer answers, but you only notice them if you are open to receiving them!  

Heal TODAY the natural way In 30 days or less… A Guide To Live Free!!!

November 01, 2016

Heal TODAY Naturally!

     Many of us have varying degrees of emotional trauma in our energy field that lies just below our conscious awareness. Emotional pain often takes a greater toll on your quality of life than actual physical pain.
Although we might be aware of some of the symptoms of emotional pain within us, we usually don't fully turn our attention to it and SEE the actual energy itself.
Acknowledging emotional pain may seem like an obvious step in the healing process that everyone is already doing. If you’re in pain, you already know it, right?
Not always.
The slightest amount of stress and negative emotions associated with any trying event can even lead to physical pain and disease. Of course, emotional pain can be so severe that it interferes with your ability to enjoy life and, in extreme cases, may even make you question whether your life is worth living.
In fact, emotional stress is linked to health problems including chronic inflammation, lowered immune function, increased blood pressure, altered brain chemistry, increased tumor growth and more.
Consequently, we often end up in an uphill battle with ourselves, wanting the emotional trauma to go away, and fighting with it mentally.
Many, if not most, people carry emotional scars -- traumas that can adversely affect your health and quality of life.
Consequently, as young children (or even from previous lifetimes) we carried a belief seed of “not good enough / bad / did something wrong.”
Most of us came to believe that our "negative" emotions make us flawed in some way and that it isn’t okay to feel our feelings, especially the really strong emotions that threatened our caregivers’ world when we expressed them.
Click the link to get the ball rolling with a Transformational Healing Guide that will heal you in less than 30 days... Heal Today!

Checklist to Heal Yourself

  • Accept Yourself
  • Let Go of Rejection
  • Be an Optimist
  • Stay Connected
  • Have Hope
  • Forget The past
  • Eat Well
  • Find Your Purpose
  • Express gratitude daily
  • Get Adequate Sleep
  • Regularly Excercise
  • Connect To Soul
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Turn failure into something Positive

Once we acknowledge and are conscious of emotional pain, the next step is to shift attention to the pure consciousness we already are.
When we experience the reality of our goodness, a change in what we identify ourselves AS occurs. We begin to know ourselves as peace.
Learn to " flip off " the emotional/ anxiety switch here... Heal Today! Only YOU stand in your way!

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